Fotia-The Greek Bonfire, has been bellydancing since 2004 and dances as often as possible.  Fotia is a traditional Middle Eastern dancer who incorporates Greek dancing into her style.  She has studied under many instructors in the Chicagoland area, as well as other instructors from around the world.  She credits her style to her cosmopolitan training.  She credits her style to her cosmopolitan training.  She was formerly member of Troupe Zaza and Troupe Diosa.

Previously she has studied other forms of dance, and most recently is a flamenco dancer-in-training.  She has also studied and performed Polynesian dance and has been a member of a the Heart of Hawaii Hula Company Polynesian dance troupe in the Chicago area.


Teachers and Mentors

I have been fortunate to have been taught, mentored and lovingly inspired by many wonderful dancers and teachers  with whom I have had the honor of attending class(es) and workshop(s0.  They have impacted my bellydance style in their own
unique way and are listed below in alphabetical order.

Aida Al Adowi
Amani Jabril
Andrea de la Torre
Artemis Mourat
Asima (Michigan)
Ava Fleming
Aziz of Salt Lake City
Aziza of Montreal
Cory Zamora
Danielle Meijer
DaVid of Scandinavia
Donna Diva
Erika Ochoa
Gypsy Magda
Hadia of Canada
Jim Boz
Joana Saahirah
Kaeshi Chai
Karim Tonsy
Kasha Ghazalla
Khazna Khalil
Lauren Boldt
Leila Gamal
Leyla Amir
Lisha Jaworski
Mae the Bellydancer
Mohamed Shahin
Michelle Joyce
Norma of Detroit
Oreet Jehassi Schwartz
Paola Blanton
Sonia Ochoa
Sabah Saeed
Sharifa of Michigan
Sonya of Arabesque
Sophia Gates
Soraya of New Jersey
Tarik Sultan
Virginia of Miami
Yasmina of Michigan
Yasmina Ramzy
Yousry Sharif